Průhonice park - restoration, development and revitalisation of the UNESCO monument

As part of the project, which ran from 2021, we repaired 17 km of Park paths, 1270 m of perimeter walls and small buildings in the Park (Alpine cabin, Wachhaus, Fisherman´s Cottage). We renovated vistas important from the compositional point of view, removed old and dangerous trees, provided arboricultural care to thousands of trees, planted hundreds of new trees, thousands of seedlings and hundreds of thousands of bulbous plants. From the beginning of the main season, visitors will be able to visit new expositions in restored buildings in the Park and use the new interactive map.

Implementation of project: 2021-2023

Project objectives: restoration of original landscape composition, ensuring safety of old or otherwise weakened individual trees and growths, reconstruction of original paths, fence walls and smaller buildings in Park.

Thanks to the project, financed largely from the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget, the Průhonice Park will be more attractive, and we will be able to ensure the preservation of this important monument for future generations.

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