Průhonice park – restoration, development and revitalisation of the UNESCO monument


Průhonice park – restoration, development and revitalisation of the UNESCO monument

Current events

  • From January 9 we continue to repair pathways which therefore will be closed again. The turnstile entrance Jeřábkovy potoky will be closed as well.

  • Throughout 2023 – continuing arboricultural work (trimming dangerous tree parts using climbing equipment and scissor lifts on individual trees along pathways).

We apologize for the increased activity of technical vehicles and machinery. We also apologize for temporary restrictions in parts of the Park. Sections undergoing restoration are clearly marked. Visitors are kindly requested to respect restrictions.

Information on ongoing restoration work is published regularly on this web page and on Park Facebook.

About the Project

The Průhonice Park is a monument of world importance and holds a special place in the hearts of visitors and on the World Heritage List. We are delighted that thanks to the project Průhonice park – restoration, development and revitalization of the UNESCO World Heritage Site we can continue to maintain and develop this unique landmark.

The aim of the project is to restore the original landscape composition and to ensure that existing overaged or otherwise damaged individual trees and vegetation are safe. The project also includes the restoration of original paths, fence walls and, last but not least, the small buildings located in the park. It also envisages the construction of a new visitor information system and the development and installation of exhibitions in the reconstructed buildings.

The implementation of the project, with the significant contributions of the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget, will increase the attractivity of the Průhonice Park and ensure the preservation of this important monument for future generations.

The project is planned in several stages: after the completion of preparatory works and tenders, the implementation phase is currently underway. Starting in December 2021, construction and arboricultural work will begin in the park. In the next stages, the work will be extended to the restoration of vegetation and compositions, repairs of paths, felling of trees that present a risk to visitors and are operationally hazardous, and other works. During the course of the works, temporary restrictions may be necessary in some parts of the park in order to ensure the safety of visitors. We apologize for the complications.

Visitors can look forward to seeing the results of the project after its conclusion in December 2023.

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