Our Conference Centre offers stylish, carefully renovated historic halls and salons equipped with the necessary presentation technology and WiFi. It is ideal for events and can accommodate up to 100 people. A single event can be held in several halls so, in addition to lectures for a larger number of people, smaller workshops or separate meetings and consultations can take place simultaneously.

During longer events, or as an accompanying programme, you can relax in the world-famous Průhonice Park with all its native and exotic trees, shrubs, and other plants. We also offer active recreation in the park, social activities inside and outside the castle, a romantic neo-Renaissance setting, catering directly in the castle halls, and accommodation and meals in nearby hotels and restaurants. 



Knights Hall

The historical hall is the largest room of the Castle. Due to its layout, the Knights Hall allows for the organization of social nights with live music and dancing, while adjacent rooms can be used for an additional program or as a relaxation zone. It is suitable for social or business events, conferences and other events for roughly 100 guests.  To suit the purpose of conferences, it is fitted with audio and visual technology, a wi-fi connection and a projection screen. Social events may use the stylish balcony for a smaller musical accompaniment. A sufficient amount of large and small tables, armchairs and chairs allows a variety of layouts for a range of purposes. The whole room, including the ceiling, is lined with wood and decorated with wooden carvings. Three entrances lead to the Hall.  The main entrance from the corridor, side entrance from the Blue room (suitable for the backstage of events, small buffet, preparation of performers, etc.) and a side entrance leading to the staircase and out the Castle.

The staircase and corridor, which can double up as cloakrooms or space for catering, provide a representative entrance to the Conference Centre. 

Blue room

The second largest room of the Castle, which is, along with the Mirror room, an ideal backstage setting for events held in the Knights Hall, but can also be used separately for smaller events. It is decorated with wooden lining and with an area of  55 m2, the Blue room is ideal for events for up to 40 guests. Four entrances lead to the Blue room – a technics entrance used for the moving of furniture, an entrance from the Mirror room, an entrance from the main corridor and finally the entrance from the Knights Hall. The Blue room is also fitted with audio and visual technology, and tables, chairs or armchairs can be arranged in it, according to the wishes of the client.

modrý salon2modrý salon1




The Mirror room and The Yellow room

The Yellow room is a small room with a separate entrance from the corridor, connectible with adjacent rooms and suitable for separate meetings or as a part of a larger connected area for bigger events.
The Small room is the smallest of the Castle. Its location and entrance from the corridor or Red room make it suitable to use as a cloak room, catering storage room or as a backroom for the service staff.

žlutý salonek






Count Tarouca’s Bureau

Count Tarouca’s Bureau is a room separately accessible straight from the Inner Courtyard and with a magnificent view of the Park and the lake. It is partially fitted with historical furniture and can be used for wedding ceremonies with a smaller number of guests or for smaller business meetings (for up to 16 guests).

The layout of the rooms

Schéma místností zámku