Indoor exposure

For visitors

Indoor exposure

The Visitor Centre

The Visitor Centre offers a quick overview of the entire complex, a large map showing when most important plants are in bloom, information about organised events, a 3D model of the park, access to the Virtual Průhonice information system, as well as books and other documents published by the Průhonice Park Management. Part of the exhibition is dedicated to the scientific activities of the Institute of Botany, its departments, and its research.

Fisherman´s Cottage

The Fisherman´s Cottage houses two expositions. The wooden part is dedicated to the Park´s aquatic environment and to the ecosystems of stagnant and flowing waters. The brick part uncovers the secret of the harmony of the Průhonice Park. Visitors will learn about the landscaping principles adhered to by the Park´s founder, which helped make the Park a unique location, rightfully included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can find interesting information and also many toys and games for both young and old.

Czech Cottage

The Czech Cottage is located close to the Hájovna entrance to the Park. Thanks to its romantic appearance it features in several Czech movie fairy tales. And classic fairy tales filmed in the Park are the subject of the exposition in the Czech Cottage. Visitors can take a fairy tale quiz or discover what lies hidden in the magical chest.


The guard house called Wachhaus is located by the Bořín pond in the second part of the Park. The front of the building is open to the public and visitors can see the interior in the second room through a peephole in the door. There are comfortable benches around the Wachhaus for you to rest and enjoy the view.

Natura Gallery

The Natura Gallery hosts temporary art and science exhibitions focused on nature and botany. If you are interested in renting the gallery, contact us.
The gallery is currently closed due to reconstruction.

Permanent exhibitions:

Průhonice Castle and Park, the Work of Nature and of the Human Spirit

Exposition is located on the ground floor of the Castle (entrance from the Inner courtyard),  an explanation of the history of the Castle and Park. The exhibition is dedicated to the founder of the park Earl A. E. Silva Tarouca.

Garden Performing Art – Development of Garden Art and Introduction of Trees

The exhibition on the ground floor of the Castle (accessible via the entrance from the Inner Courtyard) is primarily intended for visitors who have come to the park not only to relax and enjoy the aesthetic experience, but also to learn something at the same time. The exhibition begins by explaining why the introduction of plants was so important to mankind, gives an historical overview of when trees found their way into Europe, and names the most important tree species.  It introduces the most important people and institutions associated with the Průhonice Park.  The second part of the exhibition is dedicated to the history of landscaping and garden art.
Project: “Importance of woody plant introduction and assortment for monuments of garden art”, supported by Ministry of Culture, Czech republic, under the project code NAKI DF12P01OVV005.

Botanical Stories – World of Plants  From Knowledge to Use

Our botanists have designed the exhibition for visitors of all ages… it’s never too early or too late to learn! The exhibition was created by adapting an exhibition prepared in 2015 as part of the 125th anniversary of the founding of the Emperor Franz Joseph Czech Academy for Sciences, Literature and Arts, the predecessor of today’s Czech Academy of Sciences.