Main terrace and Inner Courtyard

The transformation of the original four-wing layout of the Castle into a three-wing building resulted in a large terrace and balustrade adjacent to the Inner Courtyard. The terrace provides a beautiful view of the Park, with the main vista extending over the Podzámecký pond and the Alpine Garden toward the forested Chotobuz plateau and bordered by many woody plants of different colours and textures. The Inner Courtyard was decorated in the Bohemian neo-Renaissance style with a statue of Saint Hubertus (by Celda Klouček) and a fresco depicting Saint George (by Hanuš Schwaiger). A decorative fountain with a wrought iron grill stands below the west wing of the Castle with its Renaissance arcades. It is a copy of the fountain at the Malý rynk in Prague.

Malé nádvoří