Visiting rules – The Pruhonice park

Visiting rules

Visiting rules – The Pruhonice park

The Průhonice Park and Průhonice Botanic Garden are part of the Institute of Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences, address Zámek 1, 252 43 Průhonice.
The Průhonice Park is a Czech National Historic Landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is protected by the State Care of Monuments Act no. 20/1987 Coll.
The collections of irises, daylilies and peonies that can be found in the botanic garden are included in the National Programme on Conservation and Utilization of Plant, Animal and Microbial Genetic Resources Important for Food and Agriculture. Research activities also take place in the Průhonice Park.

Opening hours and entrance fees
The Průhonice Park is open daily all year round during specified opening hours. The entrance fees are different in the high season (1st April – 31st October) and low season (1st November – 31st March). The Botanic Garden is open only in the blooming season.

By entering the Průhonice Park and the Botanic Garden, visitors agree to follow the Visiting Rules.

In the Průhonice Park and Botanic Garden it is not allowed:

  • To enter the Park and Garden outside of opening hours and without a valid ticket;
  • To leave the park pathways, enter the wooded areas, streams and ponds, meadows and flower beds and ‘authorized personnel only’ areas; it is allowed to walk on selected turfs in the Botanic Garden and enter marked picnic areas in the park;
  • To let dogs run loose (dogs must be kept on a leash);
  • To ride bicycles and adult scooters;
  • To swim, ski, sledge, skate and ride horses;
  • To use motorized vehicles in the park (including Segway, motorized scooters, longboards, hoverboards etc.); motorized wheelchairs are allowed;
  • To harm and steal plants, their parts, seeds and fruit and berries; it is allowed to taste the fruit in the Botanic Garden orchard, please, be considerate and only taste the fruit in reasonable quantities;
  • To leave litter in the park, be loud and camp in the park;
  • To disturb and chase animals; e.g. fishing is forbidden;
  • To harm or steal the Park equipment or tamper with water supply and distribution systems and other operating equipment;
  • To smoke and use open fire;
  • To enter the park under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances;
  • To do anything that could cause a damage in the park;
  • To make commercial photographs and videos; taking tourist photos and videos is allowed;
  • To use drones.

Other provisions

The visitors visiting the Průhonice Park and Botanic Garden must behave responsibly and avert the risk of injury and drowning. The Institute of Botany will not be held responsible for any injuries and damages due to a violation of these Visiting Rules. In winter, snow is removed from the park pathways by a plough only.
Visitors must behave politely and be considerate to other visitors as well as to the natural environment, collections and park property.

Authorised personnel of the Průhonice Park and of the botanic collections, who identify themselves with an employee card, may issue instructions to visitors in order to keep them safe and to protect the Průhonice Park and Botanic Garden, the authorized personnel can also check visitor tickets and make sure that the Visiting Rules are observed. The visitors must observe their instructions and show a valid ticket, if asked to do so. Visitors who fail to observe the instructions issued by authorized personnel, or who violate the Visiting Rules may be asked to leave the park without any compensation for the entrance fee, or their annual ticket may be suspended without refund.

Closing provisions

Visitors can share their inputs, complaints and comments with us in writing in our Visitors’ Book at the ticket office or contact the management of the Institute of Botany or the Management of the Průhonice Park.

The Institute of Botany reserves the right to close the Průhonice Park and the Botanic Garden or their parts in case of extreme weather (windstorm, ice, flood etc.) or for other serious reasons.

These Visiting Rules are valid from 24th April 2020.