National Heritage Site and UNESCO World Heritage Site

Visitor rules

In the Průhonice Park and Botanic Garden it is not allowed:

  • To enter the Park and Garden outside of opening hours and without a valid ticket;
  • To leave the park pathways, enter the wooded areas, streams and ponds, meadows and flower beds and ‘authorized personnel only’ areas; it is allowed to walk on selected turfs in the Botanic Garden and enter marked picnic areas in the park;
  • To let dogs run loose (dogs must be kept on a leash);
  • To ride bicycles and adult scooters;
  • To swim, ski, sledge, skate and ride horses;
  • To use motorized vehicles in the park (including Segway, motorized scooters, longboards, hoverboards etc.); motorized wheelchairs are allowed;
  • To harm and steal plants, their parts, seeds and fruit and berries; it is allowed to taste the fruit in the Botanic Garden orchard, please, be considerate and only taste the fruit in reasonable quantities;
  • To leave litter in the park, be loud and camp in the park;
  • To disturb and chase animals; e.g. fishing is forbidden;
  • To harm or steal the Park equipment or tamper with water supply and distribution systems and other operating equipment;
  • To smoke and use open fire;
  • To enter the park under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances;
  • To do anything that could cause a damage in the park;
  • To make commercial photographs and videos; taking tourist photos and videos is allowed;
  • To use drones.