National Heritage Site and UNESCO World Heritage Site

Plants in the Průhonice park

The collection of native and exotic woody plants is one of the most important in the Czech Republic from both the quantity and the quality point of view. Today it presents 1,606 items; 1,264 taxa of deciduous trees and 342 taxa of evergreen trees. Besides these, it is possible to spot 227 taxa of perennials here.

Both groups of woody plants vary in their usage due to their different morphological structure, site requirements, and also by their aesthetical impression. Although evergreen trees are not so numerous in this particular collection, they noticeably influence the character of lots of park areas in Průhonice. From the dendrologic point of view, it is possible to admire plenty of beautiful old native woody plants such as oaks, pines, lindens and elms. The collection of exotic woody plants of the mild climate of the Northern hemisphere and the Mediterranean are especially rich here. They enable us to perceive not only their loveliness, but they also bring us knowledge about their character and the possibilities of growing them in our country.

The most distinctive exotic woody plants are oaks, maples, spruces, firs, pines, cypresses, junipers, thujas, cotoneastesr, honeysucklse, guelder-roses, all in numerous forms and cultivars. The park is especially notable due to its admirable collection of rhododendrons.

Coniferous trees